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About us

We are a CLIA Certified, High Complexity Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.

As one of the top independent labs in the State of Nevada we endeavor each day to serve our community’s testing needs.

As the demand for COVID testing remains high we continue to offer our proprietary QuickSal Oral Rinse collection method as an alternative to the invasive nasal swab.

Safe for all ages and covered by insurance or Medicare.

Why Us

Your Well-Being, Our Purpose.

Along with our partners, we pride ourselves on science, accurate results, and supportive care.

Serving Our Communities


Want to ensure work safety and protection for your staff? Want to minimize risk exposure and liability?


Protect your students, teachers, and staff. Testing is vital to reopening schools and halting the spread.

Government Agencies

To assure the public's confidence, having early detection and accurate COVID-19 testing is critical.

Our Dedicated Team is Ready to Help You.

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BRIAN BANKS is one of the country's most prominent exonerees. In 2002, Brian was an All-American football star at Long Beach Polytechnic High School with a full ride scholarship to USC and his sights set on the NFL. He found his life upended when he was falsely accused and convicted of a crime he did not commit. Despite the lack of evidence, Brian was railroaded through a broken legal system and sentenced to a decade of prison and probation.

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Brian Banks (Director of Community Partnerships)

Las Vegas City Councilwoman, OLIVIA DIAZ, visited MDX Labs in Henderson, NV.

A constant advocate for her community, Councilwoman Diaz is always looking for ways to improve the well being of her constituents. As we all go through the pandemic together she took an interest in learning more about her neighborhood lab that has been working to keep Southern Nevada safe.

Thank you for your time Councilwoman and we look forward to continuing to serve.

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Olivia Diaz (Las Vegas City Council)

Dr. Eversole brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wit to the MDX Labs team.

After graduating with a BA in Poly Sci and Econ, Dr. Eversole was drafted as a reconnaissance infantryman into the First Cavalry Division, serving in Vietnam. Following his service, he graduated in 1977 from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and had a 20 year practice in Pathology.

Board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology, cytopathology and has AACC boards in Molecular Diagnostics.

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Dr. Galen Eversole, MD FCAP (Laboratory Director)

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