About us

MDX Labs brought together the best minds in business and healthcare to create a better way to handle both. We own and operate our own laboratory and have working relationships with countless other labs; we provide testing equipment to hospitals to share resources and increase throughput.

With the revolutionary QuikSal Oral Rinse collection device, MDX Labs has forever changed the way test collection is done. From Toxicology to COVID-19 RT-PCR testing the process has been made simple. No more urine cups and no more nasal swabs; Just swish and go.

In addition to running a full Molecular Diagnostics Lab with a menu that includes Sexual Health, Wound Care and Women’s Health we also produce the most innovative and accurate COVID-19 tests. We have been focused on delivering early testing results to identify anyone who came into contact with the coronavirus disease so they can be quickly treated.

MDX Labs is the leader in Nevada Independent Laboratories and available to provide support or education to anyone in the community. We standby ready to serve.

For questions and inquiries, please contact us.

Quiksal Oral Rinse

QuikSal, a non-invasive oral rinse collection device, for use as a PCR COVID test. Developed by a high-complexity and CLIA-certified laboratory; this collection device improves safety, comfort, and time involved in the collection of and testing for COVID-19.

- safe for all ages
-100% covered by insurance or Medicare
- results within 48 hours
- no more invasive and uncomfortable nasopharyngeal swab
- developed, manufactured, and approved in the USA
- a 2 ml oral rinse gargled for 60 seconds then returned into its container
- ingredients in QuikSal cause the salivary glands to produce 7x the sample size