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MDX Labs is changing the landscape of diagnostic testing in Southern Nevada. We brought together the best minds in business and healthcare to create a better way for all.

We are committed to providing essential laboratory services while improving and innovating on the industry standards of our peers.

Superior Turn Around Times

All specimens collected are processed at our CLIA certified laboratory located here in Henderson, Nevada.  This gives us the unique ability to provide superior turnaround times for your results.  This reduces the likelihood of logistical challenges commonly encountered the with samples being transported out of state for processing.

Ease of Access

We build customized solutions for the specific needs of your organization, business, or event with our concierge style approach. We provide each client with the services and amenities according to their unique needs and situations.

Patient Experience

We strive to provide our services the way they SHOULD be.  Our values are rooted in providing testing methods and results in a way that promotes overall population health.  Our focuses remain on the following:

We stand by our community, ready to educate, protect and inspire.

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Learn how we manage your money effectively to ensure world class insurance services worldwide.

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Choose one of our products and receive a reply in 2-3 minutes. That’s it!

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We invest 90% of your money directly into the insurance funds and 10% for charity purposes

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If you don’t use our services throughout the year, you get a payback bonus.

Direct Communication

No middlemen

We don’t use sales agents to sell our insurance products.
Our customers communicate directly with us and get answers or support irectly from our extert team.

We cut big expenses

No expensive offices

We made a promise to us and our customers that we will never waste their hard earned money for expensive buildings or skyscraper offices.

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