MDX Direct

Peace of Mind.

MDX Labs utilizes an innovative saliva-based testing method for Covid-19.  MDX Direct is a readily-deployable, accurate, and patient friendly option that increases convenient access to testing.

We continually strive to find superior diagnostic solutions for improved public health and emergency response efforts.


Nasal swabs can be invasive and uncomfortable for anyone.  The saliva collection method we use increases patient comfort and reduces the chance of errors when collecting specimens through the traditional means.


Nucleic acid extraction can be time consuming and expensive.  There have also been global shortages of the supplies necessary for this process.  MDX Direct utilizes an extraction free method that gives us a unique advantage to these challenges.


- no appointment necessary
- test from one of our convenient locations or from your own home
- PCR testing provides clinical superiority & accuracy
- results provided directly to you within 2 days


- non-invasive collection method
- options to suit specific needs
- all specimens processed locally
- faster results for improved treatment decisions
- superior service and patient experience

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