A Better Way to Test.

MDX Labs is changing the landscape of diagnostic testing in Southern Nevada.

We are committed to providing essential laboratory services while improving and innovating upon industry standards. Our values are rooted in providing testing methods and results in a way that promotes overall population health. Our focus remains on the following:

- Shorter time to optimal therapy
- Improved treatment decisions
- Reduce unnecessary treatments and return testing
- Reducing overall costs on the individual & healthcare system

We build customized solutions for the specific needs of your organization with our concierge style approach.

All specimens collected are processed at our local CLIA certified laboratory giving us the unique ability to provide superior turnaround times for results.

Testing Menu

- Amphetamine (AMP)
- Barbiturates (BAR)
- Buprenorphine (BUP)
- Benzodiazepine (BZO)
- Cocaine (COC)
- Methamphetamine (MAMP)
- Methadone (MTD)
- Opiates (OPI) (Includes testing for Fentanyl)
- Oxycodone (OXY)
- Phencyclidine (PCP)
- Propoxyphene (PPX)
- Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA)
- Cannabinoids (THC)

Although the industry standard is to test for 8 to 10 Analytes, the MDX Labs standard is 13. Testing for analytes not listed below can be accommodated,  if your needs are less than our standard we will adjust our services accordingly.

Clients have the option to collect urine specimens at our laboratory in Henderson, or have our medical professionals collect at the business site. Additionally, MDX Labs has participated in hiring events allowing for the collection of specimens on-site to those who receive a job offer, which greatly reduces the time before a qualified applicant can begin working.

For questions and inquiries, please contact us.

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